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 Your one source for water well service, serving all of Western Pennsylvania from Brockway PA

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We are state-licensed well drillers. We were the first in the area to be certified by the International Ground Source Heat Pump Association and are also certified by the National Ground Water Association

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Well Drilling Services
  • Water well drilling

  • Well cleaning

  • Geothermal drilling

  • Core drilling

  • Test drilling

  • Road boring

well drilling brockway
water well service
road boring core drilling
  • Working hand in hand with Hugh Water Services, Holt Drilling brings decades of expertise to the table to maximize the quality and longevity of your well.

  • Drilling a new well or cleaning an existing one ensures a consistent and reliable source of clean, fresh water

  • Having your own well can save money in the long run compared to monthly water bills.

  • Regular cleaning and inspections can prevent issues and prolong the well's life

Water Treatment

Stay safe and healthy with Hugh Water Services.

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